Vips & Friends

During all the years with OneWoman Entertainment I had the great pelasure to meet quite a number of other artists. Many of them became close friends.

With actress at the Pink Charity Night fundraising gala 2023
Katerina Jacob
With FC Bayern stadium announcer and Antenne Bayern presenter
Stephan Lehmann
(at the championship match of the FC Bayern women at the Campus)
With singer and presenter of the programme “Gipfeltreffen” on BR
Werner Schmidbauer
With presenter from
Ursula Heller
Ingrid Häfner mit Django AsülWith german cabaret artist
Django Asül
(10 Jahre Hotel Stay2Munich)
Ingrid Häfner mit Eric JelenWith former tennis player
and doubles Davis Cup winner
Eric Jelen
Ingrid Häfner mit Karin ThalerWith german actress
Karin Thaler
(Pink Charity Night)
Ingrid Häfner mit Ilse AignerWith politician
Ilse Aigner
(Presse-Sommerfest München)
Ingrid Häfner mit Kim SandersWith singer
Kim Sanders
(Pink Charity Night)
Ingrid Häfner mit Christina StürmerWith Pop-Rock-Star
Christina Stürmer
(Pink Charity Night)
Ingrid Häfner mit Matthias SchweighöferWith german actor
Matthias Schweighöfer
(at Stanglwirt in Going/Tirol)
Ingrid Häfner mit Patrick OwomoyelaWith former soccer player of the German national team
Patrick Owomoyela
Ingrid Häfner mit Doro PeschWith Rock star 
Doro Pesch
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit Boss HossWith the guys of 
Boss Hoss
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit Roman LobWith singer
Roman Lob
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit SmudoWith Smudo of ´Die Fantastischen Vier´
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit ItchybanWith Itchyban of ´Culcha Candela´
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit Bülent CeylanWith comedian Bülent Ceylan
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit Klaus BönischWith concert promoter Klaus Bönisch
after a Deep Purple concert.
Ingrid Häfner mit Franz Beckenbauerwith “the legend”
Franz Beckenbauer
at a Sport meets Media Gala at Alte Oper Frankfurt.
Ingrid Häfner mit H.P. BaxxterWith ´Scooter´  H.P. Baxxter
(LEA Award-Party)
Ingrid Häfner mit Klaus MeineWith Klaus Meine from ´Scorpions´
(LEA Award-Party)
A very warm reunion and great meeting at any time, we know eachother since 1979.
Ingrid Häfner mit Ossy HoppeWith concert promoter Ossy Hoppe
Two of the same kind, we like eachother because of our huge fondness for football.
Ingrid Häfner mit Sol de SullyWith manager Sol de Sully
If we find a gap in our tight schedules we enjoy watching football matches together. 
Ingrid Häfner mit Till HofmannWith Lustspielhaus Munich CEO 
Till Hofmann