About me

At the age of 15 I already knew that music is my destiny! Three decades later I may say  this prediction has absolutely become true: Music is my life!

“Music must breathe and sweat. You have to play it live.” 
(Zitat James Brown)

Studying classic vocals for three years still is the base of all my musical achievements until today.
I am a big fan of ABBA! Their understanding of popular music and their handling it as well as their attitude towards the audience shaped my approach to music a lot. I want to please the audience with my music, make them forget everyday life and I simply want to enjoy nice times with them. Luckily enough there are plenty different styles of music I bring in today to delight all of you, not only the fans of the seventies.
I am Ingrid Häfner, a woman like a live wire, almost bursting of all the music I have in me and loving sophisticated entertainment, in one word (well, two actually) I am OneWoman Entertainment!

In my twenties I came on stage as a singer by the name Cosi. With my band Sydney we were quite well known for the best cover song performances in Bavaria. As Cosi I also did contest for the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson in 1984. My own songs are usually held in a dialect from southern Germany.

The second real big love of my life besides music is football! Having been an advanced female football player I still enjoy any commitment with it. Most of all I love the combination of both: music and football! Singing in the opening ceremonies of German football matches, organising charity matches or producing a music CD to cheer my favourite premiere league team is only a small extract. All season long I support the ladies of FC Bayern Munich as a DJane in FC Bayern Campus. For the major German sports channel DSF I did some very nice interviews on football issues.

My bookings as a DJane, singer and presenter come from all over Europe. There is nothing I would better like to do than delight my audience with spectacular and  memorable events, for sure.